Magic Panel Puzzle Drill Set™

Magic Panel Puzzle Drill Set™

Magic Panel Puzzle Drill Set™

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Unleash Your Child's Creativity!

Kids Drilling Puzzle Set – GenieShop

Watch as your kiddo builds the most beautiful designs right in front of your eyes! Developing their fine motor skills and using their creativity while learning about shapes.

  • Spark creativity & imagination!
  • Hours of educational fun 😄
  • Develop crucial fine motor skills

Improve Creativity & Logicality🧠

This toy set aims at cultivating children's ability of innovation and thinking. In the process of entertainment, gradually learn to find problems and solve problems, so as to improve logical reasoning ability and enhance hand-eye coordination ability.

Parent & Child Interaction👨‍👩‍👦

Toys are suitable for parents and children to play and create together. Not only allows parents to participate in their children's inner world and feel their ideas, but also promotes each other relationship.

Enhance Ability of Teamwork🏆

This toy can also invite friends to play together, enhance their sense of cooperation and sharing consciousness, everyone from mutual cooperation to experience happiness and fun, and then let them develop the good habit of teamwork and mutual cooperation.

Build Color Perception 🎨

The toy set has 5 color accessories. Different colors help children build color feelings. They can express their inner color world through colorful modes and establish basic appreciation ability.


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